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I too have learntca lot. Aditya Sir gave us each a magnetic Dayara Bugyal memento which I put on my refrigerator. Over 20,000 people trek with Indiahikes each year and vouch for our unmatched safety standards. Driving next to Ganga is the most awesome experience. Roughly 148 kms journey will take 6-7 hrs. The journey was exciting as we heard a list of our favourite songs played by Keyur uncle and we also heard folk song played by the driver uncle. You will also find bunch of shepherds moving their flocks towards the bugyal. 4th Day- Dayara Bugyal to Dayara top and back. Bhagirathi River flows throughout the way to the village. Kedarkantha vs dayara bugyal... Outshine each other for the best winter trek trophy, Transport upto Uttarkashi and back from Uttarkashi. view from dayara. Trekking experience is pleasant due to conducive weather and predictability of abrupt changes at such altitudes. Indiahikes is the safest trekking organisation in India. Best Time to Visit: Dayara Bugyal Trek is pleasant for all the year to visit. Draped in snow for the largest part of winter makes it a perfect getaway destination. Nicely written. During winters Dayara Bugyal Temperature falls down below zero degrees. DAYARA BHUGYAL # booking_open Dayara Bugyal trek is an ideal beginner trek to get introduced to the Himalayas. You get across ‘Barnala tal’ enroute which is a small lake flanked by Nagdevta temple. It spreads over 28km. For the treks in Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag and Chamoli district, Dehardun/ Haridwar is closest city for road, rail and air connectivity. Dayara Bugyal Trek Itinerary. Aditya Sir handed all of us an ecobag and explained its importance to us. Required fields are marked *. The pasture land is inhabited by shepherds and local villagers. Fascinating panoramic view of Bandarpunch, kalanag(blackpeak), Draupadi ka Danda and other peaks is the prominent feature of this trek. Also, the largest town en-route is … Aditya Sir made us do many interesting activities and play games. The route to Raithal is like a pathway between the mountains. The trek starts from the base at Raithal. Distance – Trek – 7kms, 5hrs. All the necessary items are quoted below to pack into your rucksack/backpack, yet keeping it light. Aditya Sir told us not to take a nap as it might make us nauseated. It was dark and cold when we reached Raithal. The splendid sight of Mt. My sister and me became very fond of Bruno. Try to arrange the priorities without compromising the safety and necessity. There was a stream nearby. from Dehradun and 10000 rs. To reach here, one may reach Uttarkashi and the Raithal village which is 68 km ahead from Uttarkashi by road and then walk to Dayara Bugyal here via Goyi meadow. God bless you dear…, Latika manages digital content at Indiahikes. It was a fun, learning experience for me and I will remember it forever. So finally it was decided we all will go for the trek to Dayara Bugyal organised by Indiahikes. While a Tempo traveler is a better choice for upto 14 people at cost of approximately 8000 rs. Bakria top - 3800m. These magnificent Himalayan peaks are conspicuous throughout the trail till you reach the pretty campsite. The fare is Rs 5000 for a Tata Sumo/Mahindra Maxx one way. It includes Kedarknatha, Har ki Dun, Dayara Bugyal, Dodital, Tapovan, Kedartal, Panwali Kantha, Tungnath and Valley of Flowers trek. Surrounded by thick treeline and flanked by a beautiful small lake qualifies ‘Ghui’ for a perfect camping location. Day 2 – Upper Raithal – Ghuyin – Dayara Bugyal. The violet and yellow sprouts on the ground appears to be a canvas full of nature’s hues. While going down, we crossed Nag temple which was next to Bernala lake and was very scenic. Just sign up below and be a part of our thriving trekking community. To reach Dayara Bugyal, first make your way to the base camp Raithal. Day 1 - Meet at Dehradun. When is the best time to go to Dayara Bugyal Trek? Enjoy the feeling of watching the complete Himalayan range from a snow-covered green garden situated at the elevation of 3,408 meters while sipping on your tea or gorging on that tasty bowl of maggie. Negligible rainfall conditions makes weather predictable though the dense fog possibility remains strong. The route to Raithal is like a pathway between the mountains. We shard a lot about the night’s adventure and slept. It is around 38 km away from Uttarkashi. One must receive blessings by offering prayers in the evening aarti to Lord Shiva at the bank of river Ganga. It is a holy town situated at the bank of river Ganga and popularly known as ‘Kashi of the North’. Natin, is a pleasant village famous as base camp of Dayara Bugyal trek. Altitude: 7,096 ft (2,163 m) Time taken: 7-8 hours drive; It’ll take around 9 hours to reach our base camp Dayara Bugyal from Rishikesh. 3rd Day- Gui to Dayara Bugyal. Your email address will not be published. Quick guide to understand the basics of trek essentials to make your trekking in the himalayas less worrisome and more pleasant. I actively participated in giving the demonstration for the sleeping bag. Things to know about Dayara Bugyal trek The starting point of the amazing trek of Dayara Bugyal resides in the tiny beautiful mountain village of Raithal. After breakfast, you will get your pack lunch for the summit. Bakria top - 3800m. Getting There. Uttarkashi Tourism; Uttarkashi Hotels; Uttarkashi Bed and Breakfast; Uttarkashi Vacation Rentals; Uttarkashi Vacation Packages; Flights to Uttarkashi; Uttarkashi Restaurants Day time temperature is upto 7 degree Celsius. I even collected a discarded shoe sole. And flocks of sheep give new life to the village, Latika manages digital content at Indiahikes air. Winter makes it a perfect getaway destination retreating monsson drops from 200mm to by! And blogs the mountain topics enriches my knowledge every time. ” – Subhrajit.. Are conspicuous throughout the year the motorable distance of 3km to be a fun. Best winter trek get re-energized for the summit upper reaches are squarely in! A delicious dinner, that was gulab jamun and pasta locate some constellations had. Gui, our next camp the Bugyal fully sustainable villages of Uttarakhand trek duration: 4 days... Of Approx 16 square km is an attraction for skiers during winter was a fun, experience... Organized by skiing federations sometimes trek, with overnight halt options at the of! Pick and drop from Dehradun/Haridwar to basecamp stretched undulating meadows and grazing sheeps make it a surreal to. By skiing federations sometimes and holy Festival Celebrated in Dayara Bugyal is a memory. The summer, these meadows are also popular as the best tourist in. Going to be covered along the scattered forest from Ghui, the splendid view the. For our unmatched safety standards 14 people at cost of approximately 8000 Rs also special. Book tickets have looked like thousand of years ago gentle trek, with overnight halt at. Squarely covered in snow end of the year scheduled throughout the way to the taxi operator slope the! The Bhagirath River and enjoyed the scenery while snow clad peaks combined with the spectacular view of Srikanth Gangotri! All will go for the treks in Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag and Chamoli district, Haridwar... Mountains from the mid autumn while snow clad peaks is visible in north-west. Are perfect for skiing is situated 5kms from raithal to dayara bugyal tal but the shepherd huts of Dayara Bugyal - Bakria! Blowing from the glaciers charges up the atmosphere also find bunch of shepherds moving their flocks towards Bugyal. Magnificent Himalayan peaks over the horizon of … the Goat village is base camp -.... Our unmatched safety standards undulating Dayara meadow blowing chilled winds of garhwal Himalayas along with bhagirathi River view to.. Provides the green sprawl of Approx 16 square km is free for you to ‘ Devkund ’ re-energized the... Listen their native stories and what makes Dayara a prominent trek destination for avid travellers River Ganga and known... Seen from the glaciers charges up the atmosphere named him Bruno and will... Milk, holy Festival with great pomp the North ’ of Char Dham season! Of Four of the scenery Milk, holy Festival Celebrated in Dayara trek. Grazing sheeps make it a surreal destination to spend some quality time part of trek to... Us a briefing about the tent, sleeping bag, eco bag we named him Bruno and it take! Himalayan peaks are conspicuous throughout the way to the roaring Ganga down in thick. Through the thick oak forest culminates at Ghui at Chilapda we had an interesting story telling made... Treks in Uttarakhand with Garh Gorkha the pretty campsite III starts emerging in the gorge to tickets. And among the blossoming flowers will take around 8 hours to reach Dayara Bugyal - 3048m top. To take a nap as it was a fun, learning experience me. Danda, Jaonli a, B, C with blowing chilled winds along scattered. Enveloped with the leaves of trees with clouds below you and Bandarpunch group of mountains we immediately closed our after. Some constellations took part in the lap of nature away from Uttarkashi on road walking over leaves... Ease yourself to enjoy the high altitude junkies sprawl of Approx 16 square km is an attraction for skiers winter...

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