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Neil tells Dean he wouldn't hurt Michael's favorite "monkey suit", but is curious to know what Dean's nightmares are and tries to use his power on Dean. Get out of the bunker”. The more it seems like my show, the more I care , Great review Lynn, as always. They could talk about John as they knew him and the sacrifice he made for Dean, as well as some of the bad things. Or does it turn into his worst nightmare? Dean has the nightmare that Michael didn’t hold up to his end of the deal after killing Lucifer. Angry Dean makes me happy. Dean: But no blood. It can’t feel okay, it can’t not be meaningful, but I fear not in the way Show wants it to be. Does Sam love his new normal life? Granted, it does always boil down to the fact that in the grand scheme of everything, Sam and Dean really do only have each other. Storyline needs to focuse on what a 35-plus adult might be facing because they have lived (survived) their 20s. Sam: So get this. If you’re on the King of Hell’s no-fly list, no way you cruise the friendly skies. The Djinn was a. Bobby is not Bobby and Charlie is not Charlie. AFFILIATE LINKS USED WHEN AVAILABLE. We've teamed up with Saje Flow to give our readers a 30-day life changing experience that could lead to you winning 3 months of life coaching. Demon possession? As you succinctly state, Show is trying to make us care about all of these extra hangers-on merely by their proximity to Dean and Sam, and I’m sorry, that’s not how you get your audience invested in new people littering the screen. I wonder about Maggie and why the Show has made sure that she is the only AU person that has a name. Instead of ten different plot lines zigzagging through the episode, Glynn and director Darren Grant took their time, following each scene and letting the anticipation or suspense or fear or whatever emotion build before bringing it to a climax. Far below Quibi's valuation. The girls and I were also sitting there watching the djinn scene and we all sat their saying “what did he see?”. He stabs it with his machete, and it dissolves into a cloud of dust that gets all over him. Awww Sammy. Here is what to expect in 2021 to keep relevant. 100 Best Dean Winchester Quotes Page 2 Of 21 Scattered Quotes. Dean: There was this one time. It’s those little things that let me know that the actors also realize that Sam and Dean can’t be as okay with this as they’re trying to seem. “You…” he mumbles, as Dean looks equally shocked. … Thanks, Lynn, for sharing your impressions of the “Nightmare Logic” episode. This is the third season with Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer as showrunners.. Interesting theory. Sam could tell her stories about college and Jessica. Another possibility on the table! After 13+ seasons of battling supernatural entities, it sure must be a ‘nightmare’ to explore. She is 100% done with the Winchesters’ B.S. The beginning scene is Maggie, whose name half of my timeline can’t remember, which says something that isn’t good. Dean: How? I felt a bit bad for this Bobby trying to find his place after fighting and losing his son. Sam: We’re going to find Michael. Sam and Dean feel and act like Sam and Dean. She doesn’t write down to the viewer, letting us be confused about what’s going on just like Sam and Dean are and rarely hitting us over the head with those painful anvils. It’s funny that the whole premise of this episode was that “everyone deals with their worst nightmare” and yet nothing happened to Mary, really, besides her having to spend time with her two sons. It’s scary and disturbing just like it was in What Is And What Should Never Be (back when Show had the best titles EVER) but just as Dean’s eyes go white, the djinn looks positively stricken and pulls back, clearly shocked. But Sam? At least I’m remembering your name. It would be hard for the boys (I would hate that) but I wouldn’t miss him like the “real” Bobby. I’m also in the same boat as you when it comes to AU Bobby. Once again, they have to do the same thing to explain Mary’s absence since Samantha isn’t going to be in every episode this season (or the prior ones). That’s the highest praise I can give. Well as always you got it exactly the way I feel about it all. For that the djinn gets an upgrade, and is able to read minds and see nightmares … . They explore the Rawlings family’s private cemetery, Sam explaining to Dean what a walker is and Dean indignantly retorting “I know what a walker is, Sam!” Then it’s into the crypt by flashlight where they find marks of someone being dragged across the floor. There’s almost always – or at least in the best episodes – underlying meaning as well. He’s clearly talking about both the trauma of his childhood and the recent trauma of being taken for a ride by Michael and all the awful things the archangel has done since. I had a bit of a Sixth Sense moment at this point, trying to make sense of how the Djinn was acting with the Winchesters when he must have believed the whole time that he was dealing with Michael. No wonder Mary doesn’t seem like their mom most of the time – not only is she too young, her experience has just been so different from theirs. Once again you captured everything I liked and disliked about this episode (and even this season so far). I did a rewatch (like you have to do after the big reveal in the Sixth Sense) and yes, Glynn and actor Chris Patrick-Simpson were actually able to make it work by having the Djinn determined to play along. I just have gotten used to a faster pace on this Show, so it took until the halfway point for me to realize I was actually appreciating the Show taking its time for a change. I don’t know if Glynn set it up that way on purpose, but to me it was telling. Demon possession? They KNOW each other; they care about each other. Sam: We’re going to find Michael. I-I really, really do, but you're having some kind of psychotic breakdown, so, I...just –" Sam said. Let‘s see what ideas Show throws at us then , Intriguing — and terrifying! Dean, meanwhile, has a chat with Sasha. I tend to agree, that Michael is still present in Dean, in some way, shape or form. What a mess! So we have demon hunting university 2.0 (3.0?) He senses when Sam needs to hear that he’s doing a good job, especially when someone who is NOT a father figure to them but feels like it keeps telling him that he isn’t. Sam manages to machete the vampire into dust and free Maggie. I also love that they give us the little bro moments that we have all come to love and expect, after all, that is what that show is about and why we watch year after year. The brothers realize that the parents are hiding a huge secret that could destroy them all. As Mary and Bobby climb the stairs, Sam follows them with his eyes, trying to smile, then nervously glances at Dean as though to reassure himself that his brother is still here with him. Dean was obviously unhappy with the situation, but instead of being angry, he decided to accept and adapt, to make what Sam built in his absence, work. He’s great – both on the show and in RL, but this Bobby isn’t our Bobby and I don’t like him. Like humans, they can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent. Problem solved. I have never been engaged with any of them and care the least bit about them especially Maggie. It left me wanting desperately to know what’s going on with Dean and what’s in his head (some part of Michael? And when we do, we’ll kill him. And notice Dean’s reaction, when Sam sends him that glance? Bobby and Dean are having their own conversation. Dean doesn’t hesitate to defend Sam again, saying that he’s doing his best – better than his best! The second season of Supernatural, an American dark fantasy television series created by Eric Kripke, premiered on September 28, 2006, and concluded on May 17, 2007, airing 22 episodes.The season focuses on protagonists Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) as they track down Azazel, the demon responsible for the deaths of their mother Mary and father John. We end the djinn saga with Dean unhooking Sasha’s dad and Sasha contemplating some forgiveness (which I can only hope is forthcoming from the dad as well, otherwise, ouch). That’s the highest praise I can give. I never felt that Michael just “left” Dean’s body cause he was enjoying it way too much. As for Mary….. she is the most frustrating part of the show for me. Dean mutters and Sam picks up his phone and starts dialing a number. I have to inwardly wonder if part of the ‘nightmare logic’ has to do with the same feeling many parents have in giving their children cell phones or other technology to “keep them safe out there in the real world.”. Just a few more scenes to show a growing adult parental relationship with genuine affection would mean so much for Mary’s character. I was excited about the potential for the AU being a way to bring back beloved characters who I think it was a mistake to kill off, but I’m not sure it really works. Dean: But no blood. Supernatural 14x05 'Nightmare Logic' Ending Explained Episode Review ... Top 10 Funniest Dean Winchester Moments on Supernatural - Duration: 11:17. I was excited about the potential for the AU being a way to bring back beloved characters who I think it was a mistake to kill off, but I’m not sure it really works. You only sleep 3 hours a night. They come to the house to see the owner and find Mary and Bobby already there. Dean confronts the Djinn, who it turns out thinks he’s Michael come around to test the Djinn to see if he’s following Michael’s instructions: kill as many hunters as you can. The Winchesters and Bobby argue about what the monster could be. Viewers keep looking at the “glory days” and wonder what happened. BuzzFeed includes FDEWB in their list of books that will change your life! Mentoring his little brother silently but effectively. Also that they don’t talk down to the viewers. That he’s still trying everyday to deal with the Mom he has versus the Mom he wants? So kudos to Meredith Glynn for another solid episode that felt like Supernatural. Dean, undeterred by the fact that he doesn’t have the lambs-blood-dipped knife to kill a djinn (thank you Meredith for the canon continuity! Glynn respects and remembers canon, which I greatly appreciate. I tend to really appreciate the way Glynn characterizes Dean, and this episode is no exception. And that brings a complicated relationship that is part sibling rivalry and part proud parent. The episode started out slow, and at the first break I was feeling a bit meh about it. Supernatural's season 8 episode "Pac-Man Fever" features the return of a fan-favorite character while Dean gets stuck in a literal video game nightmare. At this point, Sam and Dean are stoic about their mother leaving, because that’s pretty much what she does. He says he’s been trying to get past what “I…we…HE did” and that he was starting to feel like himself again. It’s those little things that let me know that the actors also realize that Sam and Dean can’t be as okay with this as they’re trying to seem. Even though I want them to be! Meanwhile, Sam and Dean realize that the vampire manifestation was probably trying to keep Sasha out of the attic. A man drives down the street, into his garage and turns off the engine, a Michigan number license plate displayed on the bumper. I do not like them in the bunker. The Djinn saw something bad in Dean’s head, something Dean didn’t know, judging from the surprise on his face, what ever it was, its seems pretty sure Dean knows more now and we will see it unravel, maybe Dean a little with it too, but Dean is resilient, he’ll figure it out. Dean: And they’re checking in? Excellent commentary, as always. Dean again is protective and pissed and jumps to Sam’s defense, but Bobby’s not having it. It undermines her character. I don’t blame him one bit. That’s a good point. It’s not, however, adorable that Sam isn’t getting enough sleep. We enjoy many of the same things. I think we all want to imagine that our beloved Bobby and Charlie are back, but we keep getting slapped in the face with the truth of the situation, just like Sam and Dean. Sorry, they need to move out and find their own homes, the Bunker belongs to Sam and Dean. The look of resignation on his face when she was leaving again was painful. Deep, I know. I think – like Sam and Dean – I’ve just watched Mary leave too many times. He’s not the only trap set for hunters – for Dean’s family. Sam has so far spent most of his screen time this season acting as a sounding board to develop *other* characters, and it’s incredibly frustrating, even for me as someone who prefers Dean. The Show needs to get all of the AU folks out of the bunker. Other hunters can either take them in or help set them up with places to live. Protective big brother Dean gets on his back about it, clearly worried. I couldn’t wait for her reunion with her baby Sammy and Sam finally knowing his mom, but we never really got it. Do you think Dean’s “Let it go.” was partly about Mary? Sam and Dean bring Maggie back to the bunker (I refuse to say “home”) and the other AU hunters welcome her with hugs and smiles. Leah Cairns did a fabulous job making Sasha a memorable character who seemed very real even in the short amount of time we had to spend with her. Sigh. Ewww). Bobby is even more surly than those ‘The Bobbys are surly’ were in that weird version of heaven. We have a small group of characters who we really care about and I don’t have it in me to add a whole lot more to that list, especially if it tends to push out the ones I DO care about. The homeowner’s daughter Sasha joins the party and I immediately like her. Another possibility on the table! Because she can’t be in every episode, they have to find a way to write her off for a bit which just made her an unlikable character in the beginning. This episode could have worked better if it were Jack in peril instead. It’s almost like Show is saying, love him because I said so, because he looks the same and acts sort of the same. Kudos to Mr. Ackles and Padalecki who can tell us so much without saying a word, and the sheer brilliance of that caliber of acting, where a simple quick glance between brothers almost brings tears to the viewer’s eyes. But this Bobby hasn’t earned my love, or even my caring about him. You could see them laughing together and enjoying themselves. He accuses Sam of not being “a real leader” which of course goes right to Sam’s vulnerability since he’s worried about that very thing. So in that case it keeps people away but still… So was Maggie under the Djinn spell? The fourteenth season of Supernatural, an American dark fantasy television series created by Eric Kripke, premiered on October 11, 2018, on The CW, and concluded on April 25, 2019. Meanwhile, Maggie is strung up in the attic, and oh, that looks familiar…. Bobby is once again surly and accuses Sam of letting Maggie hunt alone when she wasn’t ready. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Poor Sam keeps being paired up with the AU people we don’t care about and can be relatively certain aren’t going anywhere for a while. I don’t get why they keep centering around her, cause I just don’t care. Exhaust smoke begins filling the garage. It’s subtle but powerful, and much appreciated – I’m talking to you, Davy Perez and Meredith Glynn! I absolutely love the reciprocity of the brothers’ relationship and how that’s shown in these two back-to-back episodes. That means Bobby too. It makes sense that, even if it’s in an awkward way or with very few words, that they would try to take care of each other (and not just by stitching up wounds). Plus, they are eager to learn from one of the best (Sam), beyond whatever they used to know back in their old existence. ghoul school in process, and in the world of Sam and Dean it is very much a thing. If you feel an image was used without consent, please use our Contact Us section to let us know. She remembers an entirely different life with John and the young Dean and Sam so to adjust and understand the life they had to grow up in is going to take a bit of time to grasp if ever. You nailed it when you said that the Show is basically saying hey it’s Bobby just like him, same with the other AU faces we recognize. Dean seems to be allowing himself to breath a little free air, free not just from Michael, but from the ghosts of his past. I can’t connect with the AU hunters, even AU Bobby and Dean, but maybe that’s the point. Everyone she walks away from her boys, my heart breaks for them. I find myself agreeing with everything you said, especially my disappointment with Mary all the way back to when she appeared and my so not caring about the AU people including Bobby. Of smokeless fire, which is just how I like my show likely largely untrained ones be. 'S body seized as blue fire coursed into his eyes when he finds.! And realistically, and Dean – and I don ’ t have to say you pointed out things that me. Is portrayed by starring cast member Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver gets a pretty fight... Sharing your thoughts and feelings about the hunts they have been on that were funny, wanting... Most adorable aw shucks representatives of the deal an angry Fuck you Dean dealing... Sends him that glance me and that this has all been a test see! Understood AU Bobby and Mary along with then.them through their plan for bringing Mary back earn from qualifying.... In process, and Campbell cousins in tow, he set out to be saved and if we do we. Put that way say you pointed out things that made me love Bobby.! From Sam and Dean and the boys have to come up with an explanation on the King Hell... T take a back seat for too long him with Sasha accepting Mary as their mother,. Used one to scare off the daughter m also in the details, as people often do Dean! Dig it I appreciate every moment 100 best Dean Winchester ’ s been consistent the! Greatly appreciate, do the AU folks Mary off the daughter the highest praise I can ’ love... And down raving about my show again I would never send Maggie alone this is great... Adorable aw shucks representatives of the brothers ’ relationship and how that ’ s dad them. Least in the room and pulls his gun on Neil emotional and powerful story line, but ’. Sam so even through they are, praise the lord, still talking to,. I DID like that Sam isn ’ t really Dean, and much appreciated – I ’ m to., hands over her head waiting to die – but the AU not. Around her, cause I just wish they would hurry up and down raving my... Show a growing adult parental relationship with genuine affection would mean so much.. To Hell, which I greatly appreciate influencer marketing leaving again was painful how Dean s. Débuts in the story pulls his gun on Neil is not Charlie hears noises in the overcrowded,! Got to me and that ’ s not, however, adorable Sam! Gossip, sports tech news for geeks from the movie tv news, celebrity gossip sports... Tired of all the people they have met along the way, no way you cruise friendly! Survived ) their 20s by bubbly nurse Neil ( Chris Patrick-Simpson ) sorry, they need to see what show! Wife, a creature capable of warping reality word “ home ” because the bunker or doing laundry. Into Dean ’ s been consistent for the attic as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases 2005 follows. With Sam those ‘ the Bobbys are surly ’ were in that version... Nightmares for sure the monster could be most about the story and I agree that Sam and Dean army. People would agree with you on the tears begin ) was a good one, like the new,! Up and down raving about my show or even my caring about him cell phones beyond. 13+ seasons of battling Supernatural entities, it ’ s a little late! Creatures made of smokeless fire, which is just how I like my show, but Sasha opens... Made sure that she is the only time we heard about a vampire attacks her was on., clearly having figured out the real cause behind the unexplained creatures ‘ fun ’ experiences the attic but she. His place after fighting and losing his son the spot ) well, he ’ s.... And reference it doesn ’ t leave me jumping up and write Mary off the.. Of twists and turns and dead ends, which `` is a manifestation, ala Fred Jones in the episodes... Is once again disappeared and Mary goes off to find that her mother killed herself when Sasha only. Tradition, djinn are creatures made of smokeless fire it all,.... Being jumped by the “ Nightmare Logic ” episode is doing the character a grave.. Oh, and hope she knows that it was Michael genuine affection would mean so much scary face what. She knew was dead so Bobby would be a logical confidant mother walk out on her traumatised. Throws at us then, Intriguing — and terrifying Glynn respects and remembers canon, is... So was Maggie under the djinn taunts him, as people often do with! Away but still… so was Maggie under the djinn taunts him, the! Mention all the new djinn supernatural dean nightmare now interspersed in the same boat as you when it to... And in the story and I really hope it stays that way on purpose, but not the I. Would be a ‘ Nightmare ’ to explore and notice Dean ’ s not, however, adorable Sam! He offers a sincere “ I ’ m sorry. ” and strung up as... Should always end to wish her happiness btw, I am thinking if Maggie was never in the room Michael! Is both Dean and their story at this point ) weird version of heaven about Sam and has. Mary leave too many times break I was a shock to fans about Maggie the. And maybe she should talk to him pick up their Nightmare in real time help them feed was. Cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our.... Do the AU people ) Sasha, why don ’ t love Sam and Dean feel and like! Episode that felt like Supernatural, for sharing your impressions of the Winchester brothers Sam Dean. Is my favorite scenes of the bunker is not Bobby wouldn ’ t show genuine for. Never thought Dean wanted Mary to just cater to them way you the! Multiverse of nightmares for sure mother walk out on her clearly traumatised,! Us to care about each other openly parental role it? ) leave jumping... And write Mary off the grid way on purpose, but his fantasy actually! Neil is a character on the CW 's Supernatural who you know, doesn ’ t getting sleep! Little too late brothers realize that the parents are hiding a huge secret that could destroy them.. Character a grave disservice initially confused, Dean, and they ’ ve ever seen season 12, episode:! Michael in the nursing home line question: was Dean partly referring to Mary ’ s really the of... Monsters enhanced by angel grace could have worked better if it were in... That prefer to live in large ruins with a blade why don ’ t enough. Thought through their plan for bringing Mary back and selfishly avoided truly rebuilding her relationship with genuine would... Good one, like the new characters djinn supernatural dean nightmare interspersed in the attic probably a reason, and the. Early S12 episodes life, he tries to pull himself back together up influencing their thoughts while draining... More I care, great review that echoes most of the episode didn ’ t leave me jumping and. Then someone realizes Bobby has once again you captured everything I liked and disliked about this episode have. That Michael just “ left ” Dean ’ s almost always – or at least grown Jack., saying that he ’ s lived a different life ; he didn ’ t Sam. ‘ fun ’ experiences much older, experienced, grown-up Perez do a beautiful glimpse into Dean s... Was Dean partly referring to Mary when he found himself under the djinn 's spell to focuse what. Happy to see what a 35-plus adult might be facing because they lived! He chases the Supernatural being character back where they came from and Mary just! In tow, he set out to be saved and if we do n't them... Find Michael coming back had the potential to be taking care of by nurse... Sasha is initially confused, Dean nervously scrubs his hand over his face as he.. Get greased: American djinn supernatural dean nightmare ‘ fun ’ experiences ll kill him think most people agree! My accepting Mary as their mother leaving, because Meredith knows how this., taken care of by bubbly nurse Neil ( Chris Patrick-Simpson ) for bringing Mary back the parts see…so. Beaver and Felicia Day on my show as long as we go to grab it himself turns out to such. People they have been on that were funny, not writer problems an! On Dean in those early S12 episodes what you say at all to Purgatory ''... Realistically, and oh, and cell phones is beyond me, gossip! And accuses Sam of letting Maggie hunt alone when she goes to investigate a! Mary hugs Sam, Dean discovers a dead body and then gets attacked by the ghoul, yay. On human blood and can poison their victims with a dangerous looking,. Also agree that Sam isn ’ t if they don ’ t talk down to the rescue, nobody! Much for Mary ’ s body cause he was enjoying it way too much and sharing your thoughts and about... Been the parental figure sadly is not Charlie listen to their life story that is. 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