can you use spray adhesive as a sealant

=). One word of warning. If you don’t use it your decoupaged items can suffer water damage, or worst of all, melt. I am applying little white stickers with letters on them to spell out a message on bottles of bubbles. I’ve tried spray adhesive-glitter- glossy mod podge (still stinky). I’m looking for a sealant that is thin, dries clear, water proof, and preferably UV resistant. what kind of glue should i use for lace on cardstock? I did come across someone who said they used clear automotive enamel for stickers put onto their vehicle/RV. Thanks a bunch! I don’t know of anything you can buy that I could recommend as food safe, I’m sorry! Fingers crossed you know of the perfect product! Many thanks. Due to differing heights, shapes, sizes, placement, and textures of the applied medium-sized shells, your thoughts on using a sealant, and what type/brand should I use making certain that it’ll apply evenly, as not to “pool up” in holes of shells, nooks & crannies, etc. If anyone would know; you would!! 1. I’m assuming that most people who ended up looking at this article are absolute beginners and want to explore doll repainting. I recently bought recycled glass liquor bottles to be used as drinking glasses. I haven’t found anything online that might help :/. Is there something I can use as a top coat to make my coasters fully useable with hot drinks? It can be used on aluminum, ceramic, glass, metal, wood, plastic, porcelain, granite, and many more common surfaces, making it an easy choice for household repairs. Metal glitter does make tiny cuts everywhere it rubs. After a while you have to re apply because lint and debris builds up. Any suggestions on a sealant that isn’t shiny? Anyway, I am, at heart, a very mechanical person, am doing am very tough on my hands. Hello, I take your typical glass or plastic Xmas balls and create a new look, using fabric,paints,gift wrappings etc.. -Sam. I’m attempting my first fabric wallpapering in my kitchen …very country… and would like your thoughts on hanging as well as sealing, so it can be washed, like around the sink area. I’m trying to make glitter charger plates for my wedding. Somebody talk Mod Podge to me and tell me why I should change. I mean come on, how are you gona make your summer swarovski crystals pumps without it? Still have questions? Aleene’s OK To Wash-It Glue 4 FLoz Bottle Permanent Fabric Adhesive Ribbons. and I use it for small pieces too when I am doing a paper piece project. I’ve printed, using the computer, a piece of scrapbook paper. I also use it on the edges of cotton webbing (like when I made the replacement Doll Stroller seat). hair from tacking to it? Thanks. Aleene’s Fabric Stiffening and Draping Liquid, $5.70. It is so fast it’s literally amazing, but nobody seems to sell it on the retail market. Thanks! maybe a UV sealant polyurethane spray. Because wood absorbs moisture from the air I don’t think there is a solution to seal it without removing the decals! I was given a cake plate cover by an elderly friend. Varithane, Kryolon, Rustoleum (especially for metal), there are a few around. Thanks. Could it be my fault for stacking the wood pieces less than an hour after spraying them with the sealant? I have photocopies of handwritten recipes that I want to use in a scrapbook. I am affixing scrapbook paper (12×12) to a canvas. There is only one great answer – Loctite 349 Impruv. Thanks for any help. The glue lasts long and is very inexpensive. Tip: To avoid possible clogging, turn can away from body, turn upside down and spray a short jet of clear gas after completing each project. I need to find a really good sealant that won’t dual the glitter….any thoughts on how to make this project successful?? What would you use on the inside bowls of a new outdoor resin (plastic) fountain to seal the factory painted color on it? Do you know how if there is the type of sealant on the market that would seal Something that can hang through rough times when people wear them out and about. I have found that Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2x Ultracover Clear Gloss will preserve flowers without over drying them and gives a shiny look to them. I’ve had a super cheap mini one for over six years and it’s all I’ve ever needed – from little paper projects to my king size headboard. What suggestions do you have? Thanks! I am trying to make door hangers out of screen and am unable to get the paint to build up on the screen. I’m want to put glitter on a phone case, probably the fine kind, then seal it on. I’m looking for an acid free spray adhesive that doesn’t have a strong chemical smell. I am in Nevada very dry air and little rain . For those of us who don't sew, Fabri-tac is awesome because it doesn't soak through fabric; we use it for all our felt crafts! Krylon spray (clear acrylic) could work for what you want, but sprays in general won't dry quite as clear and even as the plain liquid versions of their contents. Then it said to apply a sealant to seal it. I recently purchased a beautiful ring on eBay. Krylon spray (clear acrylic) could work for what you want, but sprays in general won't dry quite as clear and even as the plain liquid versions of their contents. Those I’d buy in a heartbeat. I can’t have it lumpy or stinky on a little girls hair bow. I’m thinking maybe a stencil adhesive (like pixie spray) or very diluted aleenes tack it over and over. to 5 minutes depending on the wattage of your UV light. I am new to this whole side of the artistic world, as I am a welder, machinist, engineers daughter. Thanks, Sally. I am making wood furniture (branches and twigs) for an outdoor fairy garden. Can Krylon spray adhesive work as a sealant over my modge podge? My picks for adhesives are Aleene’s Jewel-It embellishing glue- it is a bit runny but it holds up very well on fabrics and deco den projects. i want it to be washable. I would use mod podge and then also a clear coat acrylic spray once the mod podge is dry. as the acrylic finish is naturally sticky. If you happen to have either a bottle of Mop 'N Glo or Future (now called Pledge with Future Shine) around to apply to your floors, that will work too but will be thinner than the polyurethane. i’m not a scientist or food safety expert so I just can’t make those kind of recommendations! Should I mod podge, glitter then seal? I do not want to dull the glass or see the sealant once it is dry. If you used plumber's putty as a faucet seal, you can use the faucet immediately. Try the web site , my favourite Glue Go To. Lots of cool ideas on pintrest and you tube has various tutorials on this as well. For example, this sealant can be used to bind metal, glass, wood, ceramic, or plastic together. The can is only used indoors. So you dont get a small tiny name brand and its multi use. Also, I’m considering putting a layer of water resistant fabric over the paper part of the parasol. Hi! It is amazing, has no chemical smell, and claims to be acid and xylene free. The logo label on front and back are paper. If you used silicone as a sealant, check the instructions to see how long it will need to cure before you use the faucet. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Is there a flexible waterproof permanent spray sealant I can use on that kind of plastic (100% PVC) to seal the embroidery? Hello Jaime, I need your advice, I’ve got a beautiful mural in my bathroom but I’m worried the stream of water from the shower either by droplets or steam might damage it. I just discovered the value in gluing things together and as a newbie, was having trouble with my scrapbook pages sticking together. I have tried a surfboard resin that is activated by UV light, which works well in the electroplating solution, but it doesn’t like the lacquer either. That said, I would be tempted to use silicone as both the sealant and adhesive given that you are using ceramic and not natural (read: Porous) tiles. Spray adhesive can be convenient for bonding drywall in hard-to-reach places, but you can find alternatives on the market that are just as good. It hardens fabric, from a little hard to hard-as-a-rock depending on how you use it. Is there some sort of spray or glue that I could put on them when finished to firm them up and make them last longer and not let the felt fray? Please advise, I’ve spray painted glass Mason jarsand now need a sealant do it doesn’t scratch off.i tried using an acrylic spray topcoat and the colors started dripping sludgey like it was Melting the color off…help.i need these in 2 days for a Bachelorette party!!! Any suggestions? hi! Thanks! Unsure of which finish though or even if this is best process…oh, and fabric is mostly red, so nervous about bleeding, too. You name it it’s done it. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to use spray sealant: Spray sealants are best for larger projects. What kind of sealant should I use? Never saw an answer to the mystical yeti question either or I’d share it with those asking. The one question I have is can Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer be used on Polymer Clay that has already been baked? Good Luck!! Please help! And there's no budging once it's dry! im just a stay at home mom looking for a little project to keep me busy for Christmas im going to make some of my family glitter glasses, so im gong to be using mod podge for the layers to stick the glitter to but need a sealant to then place over the top can I use acrlic sealer or will ineed something else that can be washable any ideas? that "might work" in the album – and buying dishes, especially bowls. Is there a specific term for model ships that are made for water? At this point, I am simply trying to keep the flowers attractive long-term without drying them. My daughter created a special water bottle for herself. Great for paper. Also, is there a difference between Mod Podge Original formula & paper formula? I saw a few questions about it but haven’t seen an answer! Apply two small coats of adhesive instead of one large coat. For anyone who need deco foil liquid adhesive… use 3M it’s awesome. Just get some in glossy and matte and make some stuff! Yeah! Some tell me to use Ceramic glaze or shalaque but is there product you suggest and is there a product that I could dip the ornament or brush on, I do not have the much luck with spray on. Maybe they'll send one to me too! Someone gave me a clear plastic tumbler with stickers on it. I added stickers to wood I painted.what can I use to seal them so stickers won’t come off, Hi, I just came across this article because I am now in need of a glue suggestion. I would appreciate any help. If you’re ever in doubt just get Aleene’s and you’ll be fine. Why is my paper or fabric not sticking to my glass plate using matte Mod Podge? I have a clear Nalgene bottle and several Hydroflask bottles I want to seal the stickers on. I’d like it harder and more resistant to elements, etc. What might I use to weather seal my art on a DIY hand-painted shelter sidewall? Hope someone has had this experience and hope you all ahve a blessed day! Hi, I was wondering. If you try it, let me know how you like it, in comparison to your above suggestions. They have been dry for over a month and the color still ends up on my hands can I spray them with something???? really? Any idea why the jewels won’t stay on well? I have tried just about everything! also, paper source's pva glue is great for paper crafting and bookbinding. Nay–supergenius. What kind of sealant could I put on the lid that would be non-toxic to the consumer and waterproof to condensation? hello, I have tried a couple sealants prior to painting and haven’t found anything that works. You are now ready to spray the surface(s) or item(s) you want to bond. So you think plain mod podge or should I use a spray? this i don’t know… i don’t know of any sealants that I could say are 100% vapor free! I am impressed you have all your sealants/glues together, mine are a bit spread out around the house…. I am using permanent Sharpies to do some soccer ball artwork, but the markers smear. I have tried several methods, none successfully yet. Gorilla Spray Adhesive is a flammable adhesive that should not be used or stored near heat, sparks, flames or while smoking. I used a rubber sealant spray on my roof when it started leaking. Is there anyway I can seal the beads and buttons in to not only protect the exposed packaging tape but also help keep buttons/beads attached? I did “tester rocks” with each….FAIL. Hi, I have a cotton dishtowel (old style thin and light-weight cotton) with a map printed on it that I’ve stretched over double thickness foam-core board to make a hanging picture for a kitchen wall. Cutting machine and use instead of heat transfer vinyl? And for future reference,... Krylon would work, it the Modge Podge were dry. Hi there. I would use mod podge or basic decoupage medium normally to harden and glue the fabric to the wood but for toys advertised to be non toxic…i need something. Help? They seem to be unsealed. are collecting so much dust and grime from the wind, eve after it has dried – How to use pipe sealants. I need a sealant that will be resistant to water, other liquids, general wear, be flexible and seal in acrylic paint well on the fabric. A couple of coatings of polyeuthuerene (sp) should do the trick-spray and brush-ons should be available. I don’t know. Thank you! what do you use for fabric to fabric gluing? I know that it will eventually come off if handled too much, what kind of sealer/topcoat should I use? I scrapbook and have stick on letters that are coming off over time. and now I need to find a safe way to reunite the two pieces! Do you have any recommendations on a clear coat? I don't have anything laying around except for my Krylon spray adhesive. This is not the result that I really want, because the lacquer won’t hold up in my electroplating solution. I have all these circle cutouts of cardboard and would mike to make a little extra cash with them! Apply the spray glue. Try using E6000 industrial strength adhesive. Sealants i ended up spraying all the shells with spray paint, and i sealed them with an acrylic clear coat spray. We don’t want it to change the colour of the paper or darken it, as currently it’s fully on brand. So I’m want to seal it using a waterproof clear acrylic sealer… Is mod podge or aleenes better for this? Allow to dry for 15 minutes and check if there aren't any gaps. Thanks. google the recipe for your own ‘bubble jet set’ (or pay alot to buy it) and put on when the fabric is damp- should work! Is there anything clear that stays on submerged? Otherwise, I will have nightmares about sealant for the rest of my life and our future together will depend on therapy and how to get over the fear of the “S” word… Seeing your picture reminded me of being 6 years old and covering the palms of my hands with my mom's tacky glue just to peel it off. Thank you! The fall back glue for when you don’t know what to use. The ink ran with both products. Most you can simply trim away with a sharp craft knife. If you decoupage you NEED THIS. I would like to seal a paper parasol so that if there’s moisture/rain etc it won’t get damaged. But if you work for Aleene’s and you want to send me a giant box of magical glues and sprays, please go right ahead. im painting on wine glasses and I need a permanent glue spray for sealing would this spray glue do. I had no idea what beautiful colors were in this ring until I looked closely with my loop. I make hair bows out of wool felt and glitter. What sealant would you recommend that would not discolor the paint or paper colors, and would help seal the paper cutouts? I am not very confident in kylon acrylic spray, or do you think its safe? I’ve got the gluing part down, but I’m clueless as to the whole sealant thing: To use or not to use? You can use these sprays on many types of surfaces, including different types of paper and cloth. Was an answer to this posted anywhere? This post was genius. Thanks x. I need advice from a sealant junkie!! Thanks in advance. What is your suggestion? **There is NO redoing this one; I’m using shells from our trip to Spain.**. Old cans of glue pile up on shelves. mod podge, then a spray of clear coat arcylic! Any suggestions on what product would work the best? I also need it to seal in glitter, and keep it looking glittery…. Looking to do an embelishment project on a dress but need to glue rather than sew the embellishments, it isn’t a garment that would be washed a lot, just on the odd occasion but it will be heavily beaded & I need to make sure the beads stay stuck. I paint plastic 55 gallon drums & i used a sticker on one (not good drawing or writing) & I sprayed sticker with polyurethane thinking it would seal it but it’s not!

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