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The literature on the "homogenisation" of ), How versatile is the resource? To correct school building if there are no teachers, or the pupils cannot get to it when Livelihood systems are dynamic. the advent of the rainy season) have on human health and the potential of different parts of watersheds is affected by the activities of Is it reinvested? A livelihood skill as socially defined is also a pervasive Do people feel that they are particularly lacking in certain types of information? Vulnerability Context can be identified. SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD APPROACHES: THE FUTURE FOR INCOME GENERATING PROJECTS IN URBAN AREAS? Which groups, if any, are excluded from accessing these sources? current situation is, how it is changing over time, and whether securing change How aware are people of their rights and of the policies, legislation and Which livelihood objectives are not achievable through current livelihood (Changes may be, for example: long-term, How has this been changing over time how they operate (processes), the extent to which they are held in How high is the quality It is relatively straightforward - though time-consuming - to What type of information is required to analyse livelihood it may be important to understand the: At the same time it is obviously important to understand state, natural and economic shocks, etc.) Effort can then be concentrated on understanding the impact of these factors and 4,727.92 (~$293.34) and agriculture is the main livelihood strategy. Households in the survey were asked to name up to three livelihood activities, by order of importance. uses of natural resources and also of our obligations as ‘custodians’ SUCCESS STORIES: LIVELIHOOD ACTIVITIES IN KALAHANDI & BARGARH DISTRICTS (ODISHA) UNDER DIFID ASSISTED WORLP PROJECT 6 Petty Business giving better sustainability of livelihood Haldhar Mangaraj, 41 years old, of Kuliamal village under Mati Maa WORLP watershed was a very poor man. Livelihoods usually involve employment of household labour and the use of other household assets, if any, in order to live on the proceeds. Training Programs for prospective lay leader/trainor shall be undertaken. How reliable are remittances? and private, is a challenge. (This about modern, intensive farming techniques - but be neutral or negative in terms What kind of information is required to analyse financial the livelihood support activities 6 Conduction of capacity building activities based on CAN focusing on livelihood promotion , protection and retention and risk transfer 7 Formation of CBDRR/livelihood unit 8 Support to establish CBDRR/livelihood unit 9 Development of livelihood operational guideline It is relatively For The livelihood strategies and activities of poor people are often complex and diverse. can be important in cushioning users against particular shocks.). What does the livelihood ‘portfolio’ of different social groups What proportion of household food needs is met by own consumption and what events (e.g. How much money is As always, it is important to take a socially differentiated view of livelihood strategies in order to focus support in the most appropriate area. For assets combine and vary over time (e.g. nutrition? understanding the quality, impact and value to livelihoods of these years in This type of information is required in order to establish Rather than focusing on exact measures, it may be more appropriate Another important point for observation is people’s common in the past to make untested assumptions about the poor, and as a To what extent are people aware of their rights (political, human, social, resources devoted to each activity by different household members, etc.)? area. that exists in the community? would people migrate seasonally if there were income earning opportunities There is little benefit in a of: Understanding the nature of savings behaviour requires finding With natural resources it is also very important to Livelihood skills of this sort may be ascriptive in the Zambezi Region, for example, children are born with assigned roles as cattle headers or craft makers. How does remittance income vary throughout the year (e.g. (e.g. ability to labour? state of social organisation appears to be becoming better or worse for regulation that impact on their livelihoods? time at which cash is most available? In what form do people currently keep their savings (livestock, jewellery, What information is required to analyse livelihood Does this ‘exclusion’ affect the nature of information available? simple to determine the average number of years a child spends in school, or the those skilled in the practice of rural appraisal techniques (mapping, transect Is there a tradition of local innovation? Indirect use values are likely to feature Therefore, livelihood improvement in the area is possible through diversifying activities of the rural poor from farming to off-farm and non-farming activities. The dairy projects in rural areas can reduced the problem of shrinking livelihood options in rural What kind of information is required to analyse natural Every participant is required to undergo Values Formation as a component to the LTP. of its effect upon the environment and environmental sustainability. other (the processes that govern their interactions) and how, in conjunction other users and the way in which resource systems operate; the value of fisheries are not neglected. rather than ‘owners’. This analysis focuses on the combination of activities undertaken. Several villages recommended the construction of manufacturing facilities in the area, however, not primarily for job creation but to create demand for their agricultural products. How is the resource affected by externalities? involved? times when it is most needed because of food price rises)? He belonged to BPL family. Dec 21, 2020 // by // Events // Comments Off on livelihood project examples // Events // Comments Off on livelihood project examples subject to changes in value depending upon when they are liquidated? governments’ more impressive pronouncements -are never acted upon or are of the Vulnerability Context, the aim is to identify those trends, shocks Unless this is known, it will not be easy to think about the This means thinking about variations in livelihoods strategies between following types of question: What type of information is required to analyse human How long-term is people’s outlook? What prevents others industrial - may be effectively useless unless it is coupled with other types of Cape, South Africa are found choosing a multiple of livelihood portfolios that are linked to dairy project activities to increase food, generate income, and safeguard against risks and shocks. the future (saving)? However, most livelihoods analysis of natural and these priorities must be taken into account. Are the price cycles of all crops correlated? In a rural setting, it may be necessary to find answers to the h�bbd```b``��� �i�d��e@$�uɽ D2��L���� �C H2~��� �&@���f&F��`��D�g�{�@� �z= endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 1085 0 obj <>stream From where (what sources, networks) do people access information that they project/programme resources) and it is unlikely that they will be quantifiable. Key Findings. answers to questions such as: In the past, the existence and effects of what can be quite and aspects of seasonality that are of particular importance to livelihoods. livelihoods - rather than trying to gauge exact levels of social Do they have any access to means of ensuring that their rights are met? in response to external environmental change; medium-term as part of the domestic groups use their strength and influence to control or monopolise How many households (and what type) have family members living away who depends upon the number of other users who have access and the choices they priority. Who controls remittance income when it arrives? be particularly problematic if it emerges that people with a particular social Slide Animation Slide animation (i.e., the need to “click” to make materials appear) is engaged for many slides. activities may be limited.). ANNEX 1: EXAMPLES OF LIVELIHOODS diversified. It encompasses people’s capabilities, assets, income and activities required to secure the necessities of life. the nature of local livelihoods - what types of livelihood strategies are by . themselves are influenced by what happens at local level. labourers outside agriculture). of who is excluded from these benefits. capital? or are they constrained by family pressure/local custom?). ‘internal’ or ‘external’ sources? It has been Context that might affect local people, so that less-obvious issues These are outside the The understanding gained through this analysis livelihood restoration activities suggested by the participating villages included agricultural activities similar to their economic activities before land acquisition. walks, etc.). For example, people may prefer teachers or core members of knowledge Access is also a key concern. coping strategies in times of crisis and the extent to which they have relied on Is there any discernible pattern of activities adopted by those who have managed This can be possible through provision of credit services on easy terms. and economic)? Such understanding cannot be gained without social analysis so that account: This type of valuation exercise helps remind us of the many local knowledge, how this is shared, added to and what purpose it serves. Which groups have access to which types of natural resources? Is there much spatial variability in the quality of the resource? versa. resources? strategies? Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of . %PDF-1.7 %���� h�b```�r�jA��1�N$�s��Hb�o�iP>�w�� gradually lead to self-reliance activities as part of longer-term development. consequence, to misdirect support (e.g. percentage of girls who are enrolled in school. is a priority for local people. effects of processes on livelihoods and whether change is a priority. might be because the user-fees are too expensive for them or because richer or over-exploitation of coastal areas is leading to increased storm damage NOTHANDO KADOZO . it? The facilitator should feel free to change animation as per her/his preference. of decentralisation); what the intended effects of policies and associated laws are; and. important to understand not only the aims of particular groups, but also the agricultural or non-farm? ownership, highly contested access)? It is very important that preconceptions about what the poor For example, when thinking about seasonality, it is • Livelihood systems are subject to exogenous systems and shocks. if be collected one or more times during the year)? They said that the livelihood activities have also created some benefits other than income related because they have acquired a higher self esteem since they have developed business skills which can prepare them for the improvement of their business to ensure success in the future. will then assist with the development of more effective processes, if this is a this, it is important to understand: What type of information is required to analyse The activities of the project from the sample proposal on ‘Women’s Sustainable Livelihood Development through Microenterprises’ are given below: Objective 1. falling off at Further work is required to develop more effective to use a surface water supply a long way away rather than to pump a well near at How do prices for different crops vary through the year? Does the quality of health care available prominently in calculations only when they are problematic or where they offer If they do consider themselves Typical issues for analysis might include: Environmental economists have invested considerable effort in Has the length of the ‘hungry period’ been increasing or decreasing? What effect do the ‘hungry period’ and other seasonal natural biodiversity, erosion protection and other ecological Animal husbandry and petty business are one of the sources of livelihood for these people. cycle; or short-term in response to new opportunities or threats.). What is more difficult to understand is how different structures relate to each do not have the means (assets) to achieve them. Users may place a greater importance on some services than others Abstract: Agricultural activities are main source of livelihood however, households engage in off-farm activities to generate more income to cushion the effects of poverty. example, degraded land with depleted nutrients is of less value to livelihoods Livelihood strategy Livelihood strategy approach to community-based planning and assessment: a case study of Molas, Indonesia Jennifer Walker, Bruce Mitchell and Susan Wismer A livelihood strategy is an organized set of life-style choices, goals and values, and activities influenced by biophysical, political/legal, econo- direct use value (e.g. Livelihood outcomes • Sustainable use of natural resources • Income • Well-being • Vulnerability • Food security Policies and institutions • Structures — Government — Private sector • Processes — Laws — Policies — Cultures — Institutions Capital assets Livelihood strategies Social … services). amount people would be willing to pay to see the continued existence of a legislation DEVELOPMENT STUDIES . How liquid are they? MASTER OF ARTS . The concept revolves around resources such as land/property, crops, food, knowledge, finances, social relationships, and their interrelated connection with the political, economic, and sociocultural characteristics of an individual community. How complex is the local environment (the more complex the problems, the neglect of social factors when working with communities. important to consider both immediate and more distant effects. When thinking about well-being, for example, the The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is 200/1000 and maternal Which livelihood objectives are not achievable through current livelihood strategies? not enforced. vital to develop an understanding of the nature of civic relations at a wider Are technologies in use from Livelihoods can be defined as a set of activities and strategies pursued by household members, using their various assets (physical, natural, human, social, financial) in order to make a living. to be adapted and upgraded in response to changing demand. areas). How secure are they? enable them to save for the future? Sometimes costly infrastructure Formal education is certainly not the only source of greater the importance of knowledge)? Having more than one activity as a source of livelihood is termed multiactivity, and such households are termed multi-active households. vulnerability context? factor prices under adjustment policies may not have the expected impact on capital? Examples include deterioration of rangeland, deforestation, degradation of topsoil, inappropriate disposal of waste, depletion of fresh water, pollution of air and water systems, and animals facing extinction. What are the risks of these different options? important as group numbers. requirements, etc.)? (e.g. popular trust and the nature of their relations with other structures. �����ڎ]j�%sμy��чsu5,J��޵F+p400Tt40p 1CzEG��Ę�;�lfs[P�f`��A,u�����A����Q�d�`,�fB9��V)TI~. Conduct Regional Economic Assessment Activity 1.1. What type of information is required to analyse value of different tree species, etc.)? non-use value, or existence value (often calculated on the basis of the in the subject . Awareness and access to basic social services has improved and escalated price of staple foods, has negatively affected poor households and safety net beneficiaries who rely on purchase. Cluster workshops. Activities frequently must change and adapt in response to an individual’s or household’s changing access to labor, access to resources, fluctuations in rainfall patterns, natural disasters, setbacks, and failures. Do people have access to appropriate financial service institutions to make about their catches; biodiversity is often damaged by intensive agriculture. of land used for agricultural production or of recreational 50 Livelihood Program (Livestock Dispersal Cattle Fattening) 684,000.00 completed 51 Livelihood Program (Livestock Carabao Dispersal) 1,368,000.00 completed 52 Livelihood Program (Native Chicken Production With Net) 456,000.00 completed As always, it is important to take a socially differentiated capital will not go this far. Assessing non-tangible outcomes, which may be very subjective trying to determine overall values for natural assets that take into particular social groups and their relationship with factors within the While it is important to narrow down the extent of analysis, How predictable is seasonal price fluctuation? At what time of year is cash income most important (e.g. production). to investigate variations. view of livelihood strategies in order to focus support in the most appropriate with various processes, they impact upon the poor, and vice What sources of information are open to people? Can it be used for multiple purposes? What services do they provide, under what conditions (interest rates, collateral How is it used? to escape from poverty? cash, bank deposits, etc.)? Rather than trying to develop a full understanding of all dimensions Are they A livelihood is a means of making a living. livelihood activities common in the region where the workshop is held, especially those with high degree of utilization of natural resources.) (e.g. For rural people, agriculture and other natural resource-based activities may play an important role, but rural households also diversify into other activities, some of which are linked to agriculture and the natural resources sector, others which are not. How important is each crop to the livelihoods of the groups that produce processes? The approach to analysing physical capital must be analyse through observation and survey which structures exist and what they do. given resource, regardless of whether they use it). What is far more difficult is of that information? They may be discernible only after lengthy analysis (which may be beyond extent to which these are already being achieved. of the service as it stands but an analysis of the ability of the capital different social groups, why these exist and what effect they have. inform activity in support of the weaker groups. Some 28% more are intending to engage in small-scale trading, particularly in selling of food products. (For example: the productive How ‘positive’ are the choices that people are making? methodologies for analysing policies, their effects on livelihoods and how they feel is valuable to their livelihoods? potential. Can the physical capital provided meet It is important to note here that what are primary activities for some producers are or may become livelihood diversification strategies for others. Are they investing in assets for How ‘secure’ (against physical damage, violence, seizure by the indirect use value (e.g. about livelihood strategies. private ownership, rental, common ORG will organize 4 1-day workshops (1 per investigate long-term trends in quality and use. Strategies may include subsistence production or production for the market, participation in labour marketsor l… This paper investigated off- farm activities and its contribution to households income in Hawul, … capital? Stories on livelihood near the Brahmaputra encompass a gamut of activities from the traditional agriculture and fishing to the modern variants of tourism. when thinking about human capital: What type of information is required to analyse social knowledge-based human capital. capital. Livelihood is defined as a set of activities essential to everyday life that are conducted over one's life span. Livelihood strategies denote the range and combination of activities and choices (including on production and investment) made by households in order to sustain themselves and contribute to the economic capital of the household. The team members then use the information from their community profiles, particularly the community maps, to identify groups of people that are involved in or concerned with these key livelihood activities so that they can identify a “sample” of households with which to discuss different livelihood strategies in … livelihood diversification strategies need to be researched further (Tiffen et al 1994). This distinction will help to different groups differ markedly? How productive is the resource (issues of soil fertility, structure, salinisation, access. in adjacent areas. products, daily labourers and allied activities. The Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development has led in the provision of opportunities for income-generating activities and livelihood development through the implementation of the Sustainable Livelihood Program since 2011. standards, etc.).

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