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Hi i am planning to buy a membership plan in sterlling hoiliday. One of my closed friends tried to sell me the membership few years back. Never will i become their member. I am sorry to disappoint you guys by adding that yes i am a valid membership holder (though having read ur comments i wont be surprised if some will soon say I am CM employee lol) and yes there are problems with regard to availability at resorts but I am glad they are adding new resorts (what if they dont add I cannot do much about it). They have also started to penalize the bookings if they cancel closer to the actual date (i am not sure if they had the strict penalties before). After buying the membership , I went through the reviews on CM and got really scared that we wasted our hard earned money on this. Hi Vijay, Your calculations of a decent holiday for 1 week at 35k hold valid at today’s rate. There are additional expenses that resorts have to pay for like the water supply (@ Munnar). As a few of my friends are! i think this article will help me allot for future(after marriage & kids) financial decisions. I would rather enjoy some peaceful days away from my hectic schedule and that’s what club Mahindra promised me and has delivered till date. All these so called holiday ownership companies are a farce. 1) Be clear about resort and hotel. Dial & Exchange ordinary membership is free on the net. I wanted to take them to the court after getting all these numbers, and some more. Thanks for the info. I hope this blog has helped u decide whether a CM membership is worth it or not. the same i feel ,vasu—-i had been member for 7 years – i have fight every year and atleast 2-3 times a year with all officers at resort, bookings, branch office and chennai office—mad people buy club mahindra——–mahindras are very sound people but only members are lunatic…….i have alot to offer against club mahindra and will fight with consumer court, Truly said, I also took the CM membership and after a month I came to know that they have so many riders, like even if completing your membership payment you will have to around 10k for each year till 25years for maintenance purpose.secondly when you plan to use your membership you might come to know that there is no availability and blab blab…. 9) You are particular about the crowd in swimming pool. For rest of the 99% of working people, we did take specific colour membership so that we can go and enjoy on those specific days/months. As advised earlier as per our profile our membership was upgraded to RED from WHITE on company advise to avoid reservations booking hassles. Compare 2020 adult, intermediate and junior cheap membership … After reading so many reviwes from members this is sure that CM is not fair in their dealings. I also look into Consumer Act Disputes and the present miseries as unfolded by you all indicate that it is a dispute covered under the aegis of Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The International holiday packages that are cheaper than India trips are part of group travels in 2 star hotels. I am into free look period i.e. Call Me. let us know if we can go legal against them. I found a big human hair in my naan. As a reward, let them call all members and sort out their problems, before the matter goes to court. if u consider nt on money invested and amc charges, and compare with availability on website in 3-4 thousands per day what is benefit. In 8th year he will pay ASF of Rs. We ensured that the sales guy sign this letter and submit the same to their office. I was just contolling myself not to loose, and he was clear that they dont need all customers as in a day they make 4 to 5 converts and they are happy to fool those inocent ones. AND I BECAME A MEMBER OF CLUB MAHINDRA. I have a White Studio membership, so I can book a studio when travelling with only my wife and daughter and can book a 1 BR apt when my Parents/ In-laws/ Relatives/Friends are accompanying us. getting a common date within family memebers is difficulty and on that accomodation wont be available. I had the CM sales guys pitch in yesterday.I paid a sum of 2k for blocking which he assured will be returned in case we don’t take the membership and now he bluntly refuses for the refund( classic club mahindra). i paid approx about 3.5 lacs for the membership with a free holiday (3 days bonus, not part of the 7 days), Rs2000/- food coupons and a sony bravia LCD tv (26 inches). Please call on 9922960734 if interested to buy. First thought… A brilliant piece of an article wherein you have taken all pains possible to highlight the fact that “CLUB MAHINDRA IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU”. one more thing i noticed is most of the complaints against CM come in the initial stage itself when people feel they should have not made a downpayment for the one time free holiday. (27th Dec to 31st Dec 14). Its India’s first company without ASF charges. but thats just my opinion, some will agree, others disagree. Let me share – the last mail that I market them but even that was not replied. But after collecting it I came to know that you can only go in off season and choice of resorts are only 3. There is no harm if people can learn from my mistake rather than doing their own & learning the expensive way. Without getting into a relationship, it makes little sense to complain about something they have never used. Even Fariyas at Lonavla or Ambe Valley charge 12,000- 15000 per night. (Remember your nearest mobile services salesman in whose hands you have been shortchanged? But I was having no clue about such a deaf organisation. They share that you have won Rs 1 Lakh Accidental Insurance – people think ONE LAKH Insurance but premium for this product is just Rs 50. My father is receiving from country club an account statement stating that he has to pay AMF for country club. I would say take whatever they promise you in written, read the agreement in details, take 1 day to read agreement and then only take the decision. now every year they are sending remainders to pay AMF from 2004 to till this year. I m sure once we’re a group plan it atleast they will listen as bad reputation might come and it will come to notice of many, Let form a common mail id any one can create and share a id / similar discussion which we can re initiate. The advantages of this membership are: You get guaranteed 7 days of holidays every year, for 25 years; You have a choice of 46 stunning destinations in India and abroad Till now I have not received any voucher that they said as already dispatched through email. ie ur payment is based on the time u want to take ur holiday. Thank a ton for ur thought provoking and genuinely helpful advise. At the same time, Mahindra resorts provide concessional bookings through other sites anytime of the year. I think I will be the best person to review Club Mahindra , Reason : I have used/stayed in Club Mahindra resorts and not with my money. Feeling so cheated and miserable. In one post today, Mr Sandeep said he has failed to encash a free holiday voucher coupon after he was told that there were no rooms available in any of the resorts in any destination. Those who entered earlier have benefited the most. if u feel u dont mind staying in a normal hotel and spend money on other aspects of ur holiday, then CM is not for u. so please be clear what u want before commiting to a CM membership, because this is a long term commitment. I am a member of club mahaindra. Long waiting period for booking holidays,hidden charges and most of their resorts are not conveniently located. Many resorts are available now at various places and locations. We have twice been offerred free holidays (one of which we were able to redeem recently with planning been done 4-5 months earlier). 5) These resorts are very child friendly and have good and safe facilities to keep children occupied. 2. These Club Mahindra membership reviews will give you an extensive idea of what to expect when you invest in the Club Mahindra membership fee. PS: I’ve been to Goa thrice & Puducherry once during the new year time, and it was just awesome. Have a Red Studio membership valid till 2035. Please share your contact details with me, we will make a list of all members and we will plan our meeting in any of the CM resort by booking in lowest season and Invite media for witness of this cheating . when they are not able to even offer a coffee for the couple how they can give gifts and voucher. That is not the concept of a holiday, is it? He had a 2 year old daughter and there were games for her also. Bonus— 2 Flight Vouchers of 5500 each, 7 days Trip to bangkok (Stay) free as complimentary ADDED !!!!! They also told that they provide their resorts only for members but by reading your articles I came to know that non-members also can take this plan. I also personally visited your branch thrice. The problem is with a unruly reservation system where members have no say the online reservation is just an eyewash, the complete inventory is never provided to members but also sold outside the membership when club mahindra is an exclusive members only organisation. Please contact 7204313753, your comprehensive article on various aspects of club Mahindra was truely an eyeopener.The charts and graphs reveal indepth analysis.after reading it i now totally disillussioned with their tall claims. You would get a free 2 Night stay at one of their premium resorts. He succumbed to the smooth pesky snake oil sellerlike sales folks at this company. Hi Dr Nitin, I am bit surprised that lot of people have shared that they bought county club membership – I think price is the biggest factor. Thanks for the information. 90,000). 75000 for family of 2 adult and 2 kids for 7 days. 2.61 L as one time membership fee (full down payment with 5% discount, as per 2011-12 fees) and approx Rs. It is requested to returns my money immediately. its been more than 48hrs since a call back has been promised most unprofessional company i have seen. Membership Valid From 1-Oct-2013 Membership Valid Till 30-Sep-2038 Unused Days Left – 14.7 ASF Due – Rs. Q2. $25 as against $50, if I remember right). buy it second hand on olx it retails for 70% discount. I got the membership for 5 years and for 35k. we are calling 100 times but the... Read More. 3) If you like to travel every year during holiday seasons(like kids holiday’s) 4) If you have patient to get rewarded for your money (Like share market …one should not go to chart and see what is going on in the market daily when he is planning for long term investment) 5) Considering luxury resorts ready to shell out little extra for food and other expenses. I had similar experience. The answer is a big NO. finally i was able to pull my money back after a slight deductions, tthat too after a gap of 11 months. instead of buying club mahindra membership or keeping your funds in FD go for Club mahindra shares. Pls send details on [email protected]. Hemant Beniwal is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and his Company Ark Primary Advisors Pvt Ltd is registered as an Investment Adviser with SEBI. I want to avail the facility to make my trip to ooty, but the response from the Club mahindra is very poor. go for CM membership,if you have some extra money for spending for yourself and enjoy. I am unable to use my holidays due to personal reasons. I have been a “prospective” CM membership buyer for a long time now (Since 2008!) I forgot to mention this story. Please guide me. Look forward to more such articles. I paid Rs. Think twice before you guys spend your hard earned money over there. And today’s social media is the best way to vent out the anger/frustration. Use first and then purchase . They are the biggest cheats around when mis selling. Company’s pricing policies are dependent on numerous factors. Enjoy their facility and walk out. However, the explanations by Mr Ramesh and chairman Arun Nanda were not very enlightening. As an experienced member, I can completely vouch for Club Mahindra holidays as they offer you the best locations with excellent services and amenities: 1. And if we do not get graded services, what recourse do we have in case the services fall below expectations? Yes it’s the real story of Clubmahindra membership. thank god and all. I only wish Anand had some courtesy which he extends to portray his flamboyance in art of business, is been also visioned to see his rout he give to consumers…. Out of the 10 resorts we have visited they have deviated only once to our expectation (3 star to 5 star). What do you get with an Eyecare Club membership? You mentioned that you were not allowed to withdraw your application in 10 days of subscription. you definately wont make a mistake of marrying the whole girl just because you loved her nose. It has also tie-up with 190 hotels around the world. 3 YEAR FAMILY PAC MEMBERSHIP - SPECIAL OFFER. But when you try to avail those benefit, they just don’t respond or say that you are not eligible for that or in case you like to followup over mail or call center or relationship team, they simply ignore your concern and never revert you back over phone or email. Magnetic Bed / Mattress (Japan Life) – Avoided 12. even i did same mistake, deposit around Rs. They give vouchers so u can have first hand experience of there resorts/hotels as well as for spending your time with them. Have you ever thought that the indian customer does a club mahindra like a railway ticket reservation? He seemed to be sensible person & help me a carry my missed luggage. I think everyone is waiting for the other person to take the initiative, then either join him or follow him. (We never agreed the % calculated by you. We in fact had some most memorable moments at some of the club Mahindra resorts. The terms and conditions shocked me. Bacha liya iss post ne by God… I am at Club Mahindra for 2 nights free stay which I received with my Mahindra TUV 300… Here I was called by Manager and he offer me so called “On The Table Deal” which mean that offer is valid only till we r sitting… We have to say Yes or No at that very moment… No time to think and no time to read reciews o line… Thats there selling techniques these days… As the offer was not in my budget I said No but still I read review and got to know that is not my cup of tea… Very well written blog, Thanks Shaan – I don’t know why Club Mahindra is involved in such (mis)selling technique , Hi, I have Club Mahindra Membership bought in March 2008 has remaining 15 yrs White Studio. I am a victim of Royal Goan Beach Club which I bought in 2008 for 1.5 lakhs, alternate year membership, Red studio. They are cheating members by taking resorts like yercaud which are just useless and its not owned by club mahinfra either. Lets begin with What you pay Vs What you get? Again, it is natural for you to be sceptical before purchasing a travel membership as such memberships cost a considerable amount of money. I also faced too many issues after becoming their member but after too many arguments and discussions I was able to get my hard earned money back. Now, if i invest amount for 20 yrs and start using interest after 2 yrs for vacation, i am always ahead the game. So if you travel far to see those places nearby, you spend a lot of time, money. In desperation, I have tried to sell my membership by absorbing the ASF dues to my a/c but have not received any worthwhile offer of quotes anywhere near the fees charged by Club Mahindra for fresh members even after adjusting for my residual membership entitlement period vis-a-vis the 25 year term available now to new members. To conclude, IT IS A BAD EXPERIENCE – One did not expect this kind of service from the house Mahindras !! 11,900/-approx has been demanded towards the Annual Maintance Charge for which till then I had never been informed. Hotel rooms for me are not just retiring rooms. Like the milk and the baby equipment, this was also complementary. Can any one from the loop recommend the resort operator of this kind having good experience? and then get some news channel like bloomberg and cnbc tv18 to broadcast the news. For families today, where both partners are equally stretched between office and home commitments, time is a precious resource. So purchase a country club. Additionally, I save at least 10,000 in annual fees. If above any of the number coming to “NO” I request not to enter in to agreement as you will be disappointed. Be it during peak seasons or off-seasons, the year-round vacation plans with Club Mahindra are exclusive and heart filling. 1. The money paid by existing mis-guided and disgruntled members is being used for advertising on websites (BSE website has one) and full page ads in newspapers (Sunday Mid day) to rope in new members. I have never experienced any difficulty in booking a resort. This fees is not fixed – it will increase every year according to urban inflation numbers. I felt I am cheated. I had decided to buy CM membership and was going to do the paperwork tomorrow. we have no other job to do except do club mahindra booking. I have been approached by CM and similar businesses for buying these. I had to upgrade a couple of years later to a Red 1 BR because of the restrictions with ages of children. After that its my decision to continue the membership or not. I am very much sure, the whole management of CM is involved in this. Applicable fees: Usage fee- Rs14,600 + Rs8,550[one week] or Rs 5,700[split week] =Rs23,150 Has 30 properties in India = including Karma Resort group Goa, Turtle on the Beach Kovalam, Ramada Allepey, Four Points Sheraton Jaipur and many more! Club mahindra holidays is available at 60% discount by people who felt they were cheated. But at the time of booking you can choose any room so I am having Studio but can book 2 BR and pay 50% less ASF. Basically their service is good. Hope people understand that. Thnx,today i just got saved getting into the trap after reading this post. Nearly 40-44% of that will be due to ASF, with inflation of course. I totally agree with Hemant .They never disclose about the ASF CHARGES while taking the membership whenever we have planed for holiday we never got the booking I am a member since 2008 not a single holiday is give to us ,but whenever I call they reply smartly the call center people are smart in talking they are paid for that right . Really thanks for this eye opening truth. Club Mahindra not only has the ‘Infant –friendly’ attitude but they are fully equipped to deliver on the same. By reading this post i recalling the incident of last january. Club Mahindra membership comes in multiple packages. (Ghodbunder Road) – Trapped 5. Can you please send the details at [email protected], Am interested in buying a Club Mahindra Membership – Red Studio, Plz contact me on 9158534666. 1,25000/- although their own resorts in india are few but using their points with RCI looks attractive, please suggest me should i join them or not. or such other bodies which are entrusted with the jobs of such cheating by the firms not doing anything. Below are listed two of my Club Mahindra membership reviews for you. I think i made a big mistakje of my life by joining club mahindra. Why members should pay the yearly ASF charges or their property maintenance charges ??? What is this selling process? Therefore what I see is convinence and hassle free traveling with my kids and family. So I have decided to discontinue paying the annual fees in future and allow the membership to lapse. The chain is well-known for its state-of-the-art fitness equipment, modern facilities and amenities, and great customer service as well as for its diverse membership. They promised to increase the locations which was 5 earlier, but reduced them to 4. I recently enjoyed the trip in one of the places in south India, and tasted the North Indian food prepared in proper manner, giving a feeling that you are having the meal some where in North itself. 20 holidays are there unused. -If you holiday for australia/newzealand you would end-up paying 2.5-3 lacs for 15-20 days of trip. Naturally, you would like to have a good look at the Club Mahindra reviews online before buying the membership. Thanks 1ce again. No doubt they will be giving you those 3n2d stay for sure but you will have to pay for taxes and food. A very good and informative post. ############# Dear ABC, I must remind you that my matter of membership upgradation case is 7 Months old(May be its just 7 mths for u but I believe to solve this its a very long period). So, totally I am making 60,000/- per year If I DON’T buy any membership. Thanking you in advance. this might be good for rich business class who not able to build their own resort due to XYZ reason. so share you internet and search best resort and hotel what you need. Adukkam, Kodaikanal 3 days ago. poovar and astamudi are situated in the backwaters. Why you pay for a peak season ? Please readers DO NOT……i repeat DO NOT take Club Mahindra Membership…………….they are totally unprofessional people and promise you a lot of things but they don’t. Please reply with your expectation on my mail id : [email protected], Please call me at 9810269034 if you have club mahindra membership for sale, Hi, I m interested in white studio.please send me cost details at [email protected] or can reach me at 9923694548, I am interested in selling my CM membership white studio with 21 days balance and valid till 2034 at a discount. 6.5 lacs however, as my name is recommended by other member of Club Mahindra so am being offered the same membership for Rs 3.55 Lacs and it is also stated by him that this offer is available only for that day and not otherwise. we do not get accomodation when need. I have enjoyed watch and every vacation I went with club mahindra, Thanks for sharing so much of your personal experience. Based on the data I received I did not go for it. Regards Need a urgent reply as my time running out. The membership is based on fixed prices and has no hidden charges. 2. They say “Learning from your mistakes is smart, learning from the mistakes of others is wise.” But learning from own mistake is really expensive…. The new buyer has probably benefited the most and so has the agent who made a tidy commission, while we poor innocents who got duped into buying it are the sore losers. Can you mail more details to [email protected], I have to sell club Mahindra membership for 25 years white studio. They have a nice value proposition in terms of quality they should rather not talk about membership, which is earning them a bad name, and let people vouch for the experience. you Saved Me…. No holidays taken any one want to buy? In last financial year there were 4000 membership cancellation – I assume that as they don’t have proper cancellation policy, these are the people who have not paid Annual Subscription Fees (ASF) & there membership was automatically cancelled. They can even remove these phones from the room, they are useless again this is lapse in maintainance. 10084/- at an equivalent hotel or resort over the next 20 years. 2,000/-. But of course this does not take into account the intangible benefit which may vary as per individual. Even this month I went to Kumbhalgarh – next month booked for Nawalgarh , I was about to buy the Mahindra Club Memerbership within few weeks !!! 19487 and avail a holiday of Rs. The booking process did not have a restriction of simultaneous booking (on same days) a year back but they have implemented that now which has opened up some availability. Club Mahindra Membership also allows you to switch different membership plans. 9385374268. i am interested in selling my club mahindra membership. 'Bliss', a ten-year membership model to cater to senior citizens was launched this year and 'GoZest', a three-year program targeting millennials will soon be launched. Regards to me i have been a member since 2005 then they had only 9 resorts.Now they count 40+. Club Mahindra • Club Mahindra has been synonymous with good times and great vacations and now it has its own dedicated app to bring the travel enthusiasts even closer. not because your resorts are bad, not because your services are bad…. Moreover, you can choose from among 100+ stunning holiday destinations in India and abroad. I want to sell my Red Studio membership with 23 days and valid till May2036. It doesn’t suite my type of person, who doesn’t want to sit & enjoy – I want to explore the places in & around the city that I am visiting. …and who knows how many more types of scams other people have got trapped into, I only wish people will learn from their mistakes and other people’s mistakes. 6500/- that is awosem. more than week they never reply . Excellent observation, and to add to this, not all resorts of Club Mahindra are even comparable to a 5-star. But while taking club mahindra no body assumes that they will also be of the same type. Anil dattani Would like to buy a red/purpul season membership if anyone wants to sell at reasonble rates. All their resorts offer high-class services. 4. what do you tell your family – we are going on holiday to place aaa or not. I would definately recommend a CM membership as i have had quite a good time with them. I am interested to take such membership. I am happy to share with you that RCI have awarded the Gold Crown status to 10 of our resorts… more than 25% of our new members sign up through referrals by existing members, denoting a high level of delight with the brand.” RCI is the largest timeshare vacation network in the world. The money in crores is being fleeced by such companies. My review on Club Mahindra Membership Fees. Since our beginning in 1945, we have been connected with the world through partnerships and growing presence in multiple geographies. Why? Most people online suggested one particular aspect — Club Mahindra offers a stress-free travel experience! But it's no longer the 90s. 1, 00,000/- quite reasonable. I am not a member of either but have stayed in CM @ coorg, sterling @munnar and seen CM property in munnar. Hi Praveen, Even I agree properties are nice & well maintained – even interiors are very good. Its a real big amount. Club Mahindra membership allows customers to avail of a week's holiday every year for 25 years based on eligibility and availability. I would urge you to compare the rates of 4 or 5 star hotels over a period of time to get a sense of why the ASF is index against inflation. this when I did submit the cancellation within 15 days…. Even I am facing the same situation. From reading the above post I think this is a case of buying a product without getting full information about the product. after that i am getting 7 days a year with an annual maintanence fee ranging from Rs 12000 in the first year to Rs 15000/- in the 4th year. Once unity of members are there who are going to tell truth to media , this may help us fighting against this cheating company. I never got my holiday when i wanted even after taking a red 1 BR. My only complain is if the ASF should be paid then why their agents hide this info & trying to fool people ? My mind stopped working something similar to when people see emotional ads of child plans. I spent good 3 hours with them and bargained for Purple Studio – got 20K food vouchers (i don’t smoke/drink), 6 free weeks, HP pad (which was a new device then..). I will be glad to have more info on the same, through your referral. Another point. So even if he does not get the hotel/resort of his choice he can go to that destination by booking another hotel for the same dates. I totally agree with the guy who reviewed. You don’t get a share or bonus on the club Mahindra property appreciation. Hi Ramanand, Insurance companies have a selling concept which they call “venue sale” – they call on random number from telphone directory & announce you winner. We publics are the parents of those CHOR. if u go in for it wanting 1 free holiday, then u will have paid a heavy price!! I will also ask a question here. Can someone help me with the Pros and Cons of Club Mahindra and Sterling Holiday, am in dilemma which one to opt. If you dont use your holidays for 3 yrs it gets lapsed. he bought it in 2003 and till now he has not used even single vacation. Waste of years of saving. contact me at 9590046103, You commented if I don’t pay ASF my membership will seize. We at Club Mahindra are determined to make your holiday as delightful as possible. during the last couple of weeks i have raised these issues with club mahindra member relations who have infact revealed many facts to me about their process and have agreed that they sell holidays outside member ships but only during off peak they say it optimises the costs and lowers the annual subscription costs, my arguement is that over the years the subscription costs have never been lowered but only hiked and that too on a year on year basis also when we have already paid for our subscription along side one lakh twenty thousand members with one time membership fees which when calculated clearly shows that the inventory is already sold and the money paid up the only pending thing in the process is the guest to come and experience the stay for which they have paid, however club mahindra throws away this inventory to lucky draws and selling outside memberships.

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