Nigel Planer – Narrator

Nigel Planer – Bio

Born February 22, 1953

Westminster, UK

English actor, comedian, novelist, and playwright.  

Best known for his role as Neil in the BBC TV show The Young Ones.

Wife, Roberta and 2 sons Stanley and Harvey.

Nigel has professed in interviews that he gets bored easily.  I think that aspect of his character is definitely part of what makes him such a great Narrator.

I found Nigel through the works of Terry Pratchett.  As listed in my Special Mention post for Terry, one of my all time favorite authors.

Nigel’s narration is outstanding.  Currently he is in my top 5 of the absolute BEST narrators out there.  No joke!

Nigel can take multiple characters, from broadly separated backgrounds, and turn them into strong, interesting, and completely separate  individuals.

I get caught up in the stories because of his narration and credible characters, and the books are never the same.  They’re so much better!

A great surprise for me, in researching more of Nigel’s narrated products, I have found some Terry Pratchett books that I will definitely have to track down.  Yeah!

The down-side for you is that it will take a long time to listen to every one of the many books narrated by Nigel.  The up-side is that you won’t be bored for a long, long time to come:)

I would place Nigel as a 4 in my 1-4 Narrator rating, which puts him in my current top 10!

If you like Fantasy Fiction, and you haven’t given Nigel a try, my recommendation is that you shouldn’t let this truly exceptional talent pass you by.

From my library to yours, Happy Listening!


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