Echoes of Betrayal – book review

Echoes of Betrayal

By Elizabeth Moon

Narrated by Jennifer VanDyck

I am always in for an Elizabeth Moon book, especially in the Pakesenarion series, so this was a real treat for me.  

I read the first 3 book series many years ago, so when I found out that Elizabeth had written 3 more from the same realm after such a long hiatus, I was so excited to give them a try.  

I love that she has taken supporting characters from the original series and expanded on their stories.  

In particular I really enjoyed learning about Dorrin, and following her story as she takes over the Verrakai family and battles to destroy the last of the evil Magelords that have given her bloodline a bad reputation.

As an unmarried woman, and previous mercenary with new-found forbidden magic, she fights to dissolve the fear and prejudices that surround her, and prove her loyalty to the crown.

While young King Mikeli fights to keep his kingdom’s peace as doubts are raised about his lineage and claim to the throne when magic is found in his cousin Becklan.

We see more of King Kieri, including his struggles with elves and the suspicious behaviour of the Lady of the Ladysforest.  His wedding to half-elven Arian, war with Pargon, and warnings from the spirits of his ancestors of treachery yet to come.

As usual, Elizabeth’s story telling combined with Jennifer VanDyck’s talented and compelling narration combine for the perfect mix in audio books.  

Great characters, surmounting terrific and sometimes terrifying challenges, all delivered through superb narration.  Everything you could want and more.

Jennifer VanDyck – Narrator

Jennifer Van Dyck – Bio

Born December 23, 1962 in Scotland

Actress and Narrator, also known as Jennifer Van Dyke

Graduated from Brown University with a double major in Religious Studies and Theatre Arts.

Recipient of three Audiofile Magazine Earphones Awards

Jennifer Van Dyck, also known as Jennifer Van Dyke has hundreds of audio books to her credit.  Another prolific female narrator, Jennifer is probably better known for her acting.  On television, Broadway, and in movies she has performed in various avenues.

She has narrated radio plays for the BBC, and documentaries for PBS.  She received’s Best of 2013, for her narration on ‘Notes from No Man’s Land’ by Eula Biss.

Some books narrated by Jennifer that I have listened to are;

Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, Divided Allegiance, Oath of Gold, and Echoes of Betrayal  – all by Elizabeth Moon.

Elizabeth’s writing is always stellar, and Jennifer really brings her characters to life.  Her narration is clear and clean, and her character development is inspiring.

She personifies everything you want in great narration.  She is consistent with her voices, and easy on the ears.

I’ve listened to each of the above books multiple times, and each time reminds me how much I enjoy them.  If you haven’t listened to Jennifer’s work, give it a try.

So keep reading, keep listening, and always keep learning.  And spread the good word to others:)