My Narrator Rating System Explained

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How my Narrator rating system is determined here at NarrationZone.

Ok, I have been thinking for a while on a rating system for the Narrators that I write about.  It’s a tough issue with me, because so many things cannot be so easily categorized.  Or they fall somewhere in between.

Maybe I am just an ‘everything is grey’ kind of person.  You know, that annoying person who can see both sides of each argument and so therefore can’t pick a side.

I don’t really think that I am that bad. I am not a ‘MY way or the highway’ kind of person true, but I can put my foot down now and again when I believe it’s needed.

It’s just that I want to see the good in all and not waste my time focusing on the bad.

So you won’t (or shouldn’t anyway) see me posting about Narrators that I truly don’t like.  It’s a waste of my time, and I think a waste of yours as well.  I would rather focus on those that show talent in some format, and share that talent with you.

Realistically I look at in these terms.  If they can at least do a better job that I could, then they deserve at least a #1.  I love to read, and I have always read out loud to my kids who seemed to enjoy it, but I know my talents have not been developed there.

So a #1 would be one step above me reading it.  I think I am good, so that would make a #1 say…a good+.

My #2 spot would go to someone who is more skilled in Narrating, by perhaps using good timing or pronunciation.  Possibly someone who has a smooth flow or rhythm to their narration, but typically in a one person setting.  So a good natural voice narrator.

This could be someone reading their own book.  Since it’s more personal for them, they read it with a more natural sense of timing that possibly wouldn’t show up in someone else’s work.  Or someone who only does good in one voice settings. Documentaries, histories, memoirs, etc.

My next rating #3 is for talented individuals, usually professionals, who read exceptionally well.  Tone, inflection, timing, and understanding and talent for engaging the reader’s attention and keeping it.

These individuals are easy to listen to, and they can usually do more than 1 voice accurately and consistently.  Often times they are trained actors. However, they are not as strong when doing voices too far outside of their natural voice.

As an example, a man who can do multiple male voices, but when doing female voices, may not be as convincing.   Or perhaps a British women, trying unsuccessfully to do an Irish accent, etc.

And then there is my top rating #4. These individuals have to show significant talent in creating multiple voices from men to women, to creatures great, small and imaginary.

They are few and far between, but they ARE out there.  It is the search for these talents in particular, that gets me truly excited.  And excited to share my finds with you.

In this, the first day of 2017, I wish for you health, happiness, and many more Happy Listening days to come.