Renee Raudman – Narrator

Blue-Eyed Devil, written by Lisa Kleypas

Narrated by Renee Raudman

Typically, I am not a ‘romance’ reader or listener.  I have nothing against romance, it just isn’t my ‘thing’ as it were.

Especially when the romance gets graphic, as it does in this story.  I’m a ‘less is more’ kind of person.  I like to leave a few things to the imagination, or what’s the point of having one.

However, I do have to say that this story was well written, and better yet….very nicely narrated.

I felt that Renee did an exceptional job on the main character Haven Travis.  Truly exceptional!  She does a credible job on the Southern accents, but more than that, she really does bring the character of Haven to life.

You feel her struggles, and yet can still see that Haven is an intelligent and strong woman.  She doesn’t always make the right choices, and sometimes it takes her a while to figure things out, but she keeps moving.

At the center of the story is a wounded woman, trying to find her strength. And a complicated, yet intelligent and handsome man to help her find her way.

A truly classic story……….or fairy tale, I’m not sure which. Yet either way, it was a compelling story well read.

I would not want to trade places with this protagonist, it’s not that kind of story, but I can empathize with her search to put her life back together.

Sometimes life gives you a good swift kick in the pants, and other times…it pushes you in front of a bus. Or at least it can feel that way.

Yet while so many people are spending so much time involved in stories of murders, and serial killers, and slasher stories, it’s a change to listen to something more common in the standard community.

As much as we don’t like to admit it, spousal abuse (along with other types of abuse), are much more prevalent than we probably expect or could comprehend.

And though it is a struggle to get out of those situations, some obviously more challenging than others, it usually starts with someone realizing that they shouldn’t and don’t have to live that way.

And finding those you can depend on.

I hope that all of you have someone you can depend on. And I hope that none of you are going through anything like what Haven did in this book.

Yet if you are, I hope that you find the way to get out, and you find your way to become the person you were meant to be.

From my family to yours, Best Wishes for a bright future. Be kind to each other…and keep listening!

And if you are looking for a great narrator to try, give Renee Raudman an audiobook listen.