Out sick, what a bummer!

sick, in bed,
Sick in Bed

I was recently sick with the flu.  You know when you are sick, truly sick where everything aches and it seems like you will never feel good again?  Yeah, it was that kind of sick.  I rarely get sick like that.  There are few things that can help in those situations, but my favorite audio books helped me make it through.

There are books that you read once, and there are books that you can listen to over and over again. For me, that would be anything by Terry Pratchett and any of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series. Also Elizabeth Moon, the Paksenarion series.  What I would call Comfort books.  When your head feels like it’s going to explode and you can’t bear the light, it can help to have something to focus the mind on.

That’s another one of the many reasons that I love audio books.  There is rarely a time when an audio book doesn’t make my life brighter.  If I’m cleaning house, it makes the work go that much faster.  When I’m at work in our busy office, it helps to block out all the noise and distractions from the other cubicles.  Working in the yard?  Yep, it helps there too (except when running power tools where I can’t hear anything).  Taking a shower, getting ready for work, going grocery shopping (one of my least favorite errands!).  All of these are better, easier, more enjoyable when I have my audio books with me.

For me, anything that I am doing alone, I can do better with audio books along for the ride.  The only thing that I don’t do, or enjoy more with audio books is having a conversation with another person.  When my kids come in and they really want to talk, I pause my audio and give them my attention.  When you really want to connect with someone, you need to give them your full focus.  The audio book will be there when you get back, but some conversations only come around once, especially when you are dealing with children.

For everything else, I would rather be connected and listening!  So the next time I am out sick, I know my friends will keep me company.  Although I seriously hope that isn’t anytime soon.  Well, I better get back to the research because I am way behind!  I am sorry for that, but as they say ‘ Life Happens’.

Hoping you all are well, and Listening.

Take care always:)


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