Dick Hill – Narrator

Worth Dying For – A Jack Reacher Novel

By Lee Child

Narrated by Dick Hill

Dick Hill comes from a true audio book family.  He AND his wife, Susie Breck, are both award winning Narrators.

He is reported to have narrated over 1000 audio books and has received several Audie Awards, and a Golden Voices award.

Along with the Jack Reacher novels, Dick is also well known for his narration on the Harry Bosch novels by Michael Connelly.

Dick’s narration has been described as ‘robust, smooth, but with just enough grit to make it interesting’ by AudioFile Magazine.  This applies exceptionally well to the Jack Reacher character from this story, Worth Dying For.  

He is noted as being extremely talented with both men’s and women’s voices as well.  This book is a great example of that talent.  

Dick says that he enjoys the challenge of performing multiple roles and building credible, yet distinct characters.  He calls audio narration an ‘opportunity’ to play various parts in one project.

He finds joy in his work, and works in all categories including Suspense, History, Biography, Young Adult, Romance, and many more.  Regardless of which category you prefer, you can likely find a book narrated by Dick Hill that you will enjoy.

For a small sample of other books narrated by Dick Hill, see below.

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Never Go Back, and A Wanted Man, (and many,many more) by Lee Child

The Hatfields and the McCoys, by Otis K Rice

With both experience and passion in his work, Dick Hill is a talent worth checking out.  So give his work a try.

Let us know what you think when you do, or let us know your favorite Dick Hill project.

And as always, from our family to yours, Happy Listening.

Worth Dying For – Book Review


Worth Dying For (A Jack Reacher Novel)

By Lee Child

Narrated by Dick Hill

I believe this is the second or third Jack Reacher novel that I have read/heard.  And as expected, a really great book.

Reacher is such a great character.  Such a complex person, yet in many ways a basic almost primitive man.

I find myself rooting for him, and wishing there was a Jack Reacher on my side for once!

This time Jack finds himself in Nebraska, hitching rides on his way to Virginia.  On his first night, he meets a drunk doctor and overhears the doctor avoiding a call from a woman complaining of a nose bleed that won’t stop.  Jack convinces the doctor to go on a house call.

Since the doctor is drunk, Jack volunteers to drive for the doctor.  What they find at the woman’s house angers Jack and as usual, he can’t help but get involved.

Yet what starts out as a suspected spousal abuse problem, quickly turns into an international incident, with multiple bad guys vying for who can catch or kill Reacher first.

Reacher with his usual flair, divides and conquers, and in the process solves a decades old mystery while saving many lives by taking a few.

Ultimately it’s a very sad story though.  Although Jack comes out the undeniable champion, we get introduced to a very seedy side of the human psyche.

One that I certainly will never understand, and hope never to experience in any way in real life.  There are souls who walk the earth filled with darkness, who commit truly unspeakable acts.

If only there were more Jack Reachers to put them all out of commission, humanity might just have a chance to reach a new and better level of existence.

For now, we will have to settle for one notch on the scoreboard for the good guys.

If you like action mysteries, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Happy Listening!